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Speaking of handmade, here’s one easy craft project to up-cycle your empty glass jars and bottles into decorative vases.


Speaking of handmade, here’s one easy craft project to up-cycle your empty glass jars and bottles into decorative vases.


1. Empty glass bottle/s (make sure it’s clean and free from grease/oil)

2. Vitrail glass paint (P99 in National Bookstore; available in several colors)

3. Acetone or nail polish remover (used as a thinner for the paint)



1. Combine glass paint with a small amount of acetone (just enough to partially thin down the paint’s consistency) in the bottle.

2. Mix them together. Slowly swirl the paint mixture until the entire interior of the glass is coated with paint.

3. Don’t worry if the paint looks cloudy. It will eventually become translucent with a glass-like finish as it dries. Let the paint dry completely for a couple of days before you put water in it and use as a flower vase.




If you have a lot of bottles, you can stain/paint all off them in the same color and display them together near a window like some sort of vintage glass collection. They also make great containers if you want to give small flower bouquets as gifts. 


Another Post To Add For Halloween great for all ages


Pumpkin Magnet Tutorial at


  1. Decorative paper
  2. Mod Podge
  3. Glass rocks
  4. Paint brush
  5. Sharpie
  6. Magnets
  7. Wire or pipe cleaners
  8. Hot glue gun & glue

Pumpkin Magnets Supplies at

Start by cutting or punching out circles that fit the glass rocks. You can use a punch, but tracing and then cutting out would work just as well.Easy fall magnets at

To make Jack-O-Lantern’s use a Sharpie marker to draw faces on. Get creative and add your own flair. If just pumpkin magnets

are desired skip this step. 

Jack-o-Lantern Magnets at

Mod Podge Fall Magnets at

Use Mod Podge to lightly paint the glass rock. 

Mod Podge Pumpkin Magnets at

Stick the paper on the rock with the face or colored side of the paper sticking to the rock. Then add a very thin layer over the paper to help it stick.

Fall Pumpkin Magnets

Let the Mod Podge dry throughly. 

Pumpkin Craft at thebensonstreet.comPlace a small drop of hot glue on the middle of the back of the glass rock. 

Easy Fall Magnets at

Place magnet to the back of the rock in the glue. 

Tutorial for Fall Magnets at

Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner or wire for the stem. Place a small drop of glue to the part of the magnet that you want to be the top.

Magnets for fall at

Place the stem in the hot glue. Allow hot glue to dry before using as a magnet.

Magnet fun with pumpkin at
Aren’t they just adorable. I love the mix of the faces and pumpkins. Use these anywhere that is magnetic. I love that they are a fun way to add fall decor in a simple way.

Fall Pumpkin Magnets at

If you aren’t ready to get halloween decor out, just make plain pumpkins that can be used for decor from September to October. That’s the great things about pumpkins. They last the whole fall season. 

Simple Pumpkin Magnet Tutorial for Fall at





If You Love Unique Magnet Why Not Make Your Own……

glass bubble magnets

Glass magnets cost pennies to create – and they make adorable DIY wedding favors.

You could make these with the plain  flat bottomed clear glass gems that you can find at the dollar store or from Michaels or any craft place. You can use just about any type of paper with an image or pattern that you like. I’ve seen some beautiful glass magnets made with origami paper and scrapbooking paper or even photos make really small .

Here’s the lowdown on what you need for DIY glass magnets:

Punch desired illustration.

bubble magnetsglass magnets

Use Mod Podge to glue your punch-out onto the flat side of your clear glass gem. Once glued, add some Mod Podge to the back as well.

glass magnetsIf you are using thin paper, punch out a plain piece of white paper and glue on top of illustration. That way you won’t be able to see the magnet through the glass. Use E6000 Multi-purpose Adhesive
to glue magnet to the back of the glass gem. (Use a toothpick to spread the glue.)

glass magnetsLet glass magnets dry overnight before packaging or using them.


Here they are in action:

diy magnets


In the Spirit of Halloween coming up!

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns: Turn Mason Jars into Lanterns and Explore Light with Children



– jars of different sizes and shapes

– a can of purple spray paint

black paint marker/black acrylic paint

The jars had to be submerged in a sink full of very hot water for a while, then scrubbed to get their labels off.


Enchanting Halloween Lanterns: Turn Mason Jars into Lanterns and Explore Light with Children

1. Clean your jars thoroughly as any oily residue will interfere with painting.

2. Spray paint the outsides of the jars. The jars need to stay translucent, so start with a thin layer of paint. Once it is dry, drop a candle inside of one jar and see how the light comes through. If you think that one layer of paint was not enough, you can add another thin layer.

3. If you use our design, print it and insert into the jar. Trace it with a marker. If you make your own design, it may be a better idea to sketch it on a piece of paper first and then insert the piece into the jar anyway. But confident young artists may want to paint right on the jar.

4. Use a Paint Marker (fine tip) for tracing the picture on glass.

Now it is time to put some candles in and add some illumination to the room!

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns: Turn Mason Jars into Lanterns and Explore Light with ChildrenIn the dim light

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns: Turn Mason Jars into Lanterns and Explore Light with Children

Glass jars also require careful handling in little hands. If you are in doubt about the suitability of this project for your children, please, use plastic jars and flameless candles.




Candles with Crayons in Color Block Style

Here is a tutorial for you to make candles in color block style. To make these you need crayons, candle wax beads/pellets, candle wick, microwave proof disposable cups and small glasses. To start with take the disposable cups and add wax pellets to them. After that top each with a piece of crayon in colors of your choice. Then take one filled cup and put it in the microwave oven for about 1 minute and take it out. Mix well and then hold the glass with the wick stuck in its center slantingly and add the melted colored wax. Hold it for some time to let the wax settle. Repeat the same steps with second and third color. The only difference in the last step will be to keep the glass on table instead of slanting position to get a leveled upper layer of candle.  Have fun with it your way, add scent or glitter what ever brings out your creative side.


DIY Silk Leaf Soaps

Silk Soap Leaves are an easy, beautiful fall soap tutorial. These are so fun to make, you won’t be able to stop!

silk soap leaves - fun for fall
Use like a bar of soap — lather, rinse, toss, and go!


Supplies and equipment needed:

Microwave safe glass container
Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (not shown in supplies)
Butter knife (not shown in supplies)
Rubber gloves
Wax paper
Silk fall leaves (or rose/flower petals if you have them)
Crystal Clear Flat Polypropylene Bags
Natural Melt & Pour soap base
Fragrance oil

supplies and equipment needed
gather your supplies and equipment


Step 1: Cut up approximately 4- 5 ounces of Natural Melt & Pour soap base into small cubes using a sharp knife. Place the cubed soap in a microwave safe glass container.

Step 2: Place container in the microwave and melt using 30-second bursts. Be careful, soap can easily boil which will result in a poor quality rubbery soap.

Step 3: Add 2 ml of fragrance oil and stir slowly until mixed well. No colorant is needed.

add fragrance oil with pipette
use your disposable pipette to add your fragrance oil


stir slowly until mixed
stir slowly until mixed well

Step 4: Because the fall season is coming up, I decided to use fall colored silk leaves instead of the usual rose petals. The leaves can be found at your local craft store or the nearby dollar store. Using tweezers, dip one of your leaves into your soap and make sure to submerge it.

dip into soap
use your tweezers and dip the leaf into your soap


make sure to submerge
be sure to submerge it!

Step 5: Pull the leaf out of the soap with the tweezers and let the excess soap base drip back into the container. You can even give the leaf a little shake to make sure. This makes for a smoother looking soap.

let excess soap base drip back into container
give the leaf a little shake to remove excess soap base

Step 6: Place the soap leaf onto a piece of waxed paper to dry. Make sure to place the leaf right side up.

place onto waxed paper to dry
place on waxed paper to dry


make sure to place leaf right side up
make sure the leaf is right side up

Step 7: Repeat Steps 4 – 6 for the remainder of the leaves. You may have to re-melt the soap from time to time, depending on how many you’re making. Try to work fast – you want to limit the number of times you have to re-melt the soap base.

soap leaves drying on wax paper
it’s fall in your kitchen!

Tip: Once you get comfortable making these, you can add several petals/leaves to the melted soap base at the same time, stir slowly, and then remove one petal/leaf at a time. Also, bubbles will form in the soap base because of the dipping and removing, so keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol nearby to spritz the soap to remove bubbles.

spritz to remove bubbles
if soap bubbles form, spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove

Step 8: When the leaves are dry, slowly peel off the wax paper. Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

peel off wax paper once dry
peel leaves from wax paper once fully dry, store in airtight container until ready to use

Step 9: If you didn’t let the petal/leaf drip off any excess soap after you removed it from the soap, some of the pieces will have soap hanging off the edges. They’re easy to clean up – just pinch, rub or cut off. Smooth the edges with your fingers. Practice makes perfect!

clean up messy leaves
pinch, rub, or cut off any excess soap and smooth edges with your fingers

Packaging Idea
An easy way to package these up for gift giving is to place several soap leaves in a Crystal Clear Flat Poly Bag. Fold over the top of the bag. Place a folding tag with the ingredients, scent and instructions over the top of the bag and staple it into place. Easy!

place into bag
drop a few into your bag and fold the top over


packaged and ready to go!
add folding tag with ingredients, scent, and instructions and staple into place

Make sure you include instructions with each package on how to use these. Also include a disclaimer on the back of the tag which says these are not meant for children under the age of 5.


Sweetest Apple Clay Jar EVER!

OK, So I missed Teachers’ Appreciation Week…I did this a bit too late but I am
pretty sure my crafty friends out there can think of lots of uses for this project.
There is nothing sweeter than using one item and transforming it into another.
This is my Apple Clay Jar…with lid.

Things you will need:
  1. Clay pot, sizes of choice
  2. Clay bottoms, sizes of choice
  3. Acrylic paints, brushes
  4. Air dry or bake-able clay (optional)
  5. Marble, hot glue gun (optional)

At most craft stores you can find these adorable mini clay pots in all sizes. They bottom

tray thingy also comes in all sizes. I originally bought these to do early seeding lessons
with the kids but I ended up using them for this project.

Place the bottom tray thing on the top of your planter-you decide if you want the ‘lid’ bigger

or smaller than the opening of your clay pot. I opted for smaller.

Paint red, or whatever color you prefer-I wanted to make an apple jar for a teacher,

so here’s my apple…

Decide how deep you need to paint the pot on the inside-this depends on how
the ‘lid’ fits on your pot. You don’t want the clay color showing.

After you are done painting, let dry. I used a marble and hot glue as a knob…

but you can use anything else you may see fit.

You can paint the knob red too if you want! Make sure there is enough glue.

Deciding that I wanted this to be an apple, I removed the marble and attached a piece of clay as a stem.

If you are using air dry clay (easier) it is OK to attach the clay after you paint. If you are using bake-able clay,
attach the stem first, bake according to instructions then paint.

It kinda looks like a pepper also, this would be great to hold dry chillies on your kitchen counter.

Maybe a few in different colors and sizes. If placing food or anything edible inside, please use a liner.
Glue a leaf onto the base of the stem in a way that it kinda stands up…

Make different colors for a party-favor filled with treats. This would be great for kids to store
their crayons in. So many ideas for this. You can write names on it with chalk, markers, paint etc.
Let your imagination go wild you do not have to stop at apples 
This little turtle will be the hit of your party to keep all your snacks ready for guests.