Candles with Crayons in Color Block Style

Here is a tutorial for you to make candles in color block style. To make these you need crayons, candle wax beads/pellets, candle wick, microwave proof disposable cups and small glasses. To start with take the disposable cups and add wax pellets to them. After that top each with a piece of crayon in colors of your choice. Then take one filled cup and put it in the microwave oven for about 1 minute and take it out. Mix well and then hold the glass with the wick stuck in its center slantingly and add the melted colored wax. Hold it for some time to let the wax settle. Repeat the same steps with second and third color. The only difference in the last step will be to keep the glass on table instead of slanting position to get a leveled upper layer of candle.  Have fun with it your way, add scent or glitter what ever brings out your creative side.

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