Sweetest Apple Clay Jar EVER!

OK, So I missed Teachers’ Appreciation Week…I did this a bit too late but I am
pretty sure my crafty friends out there can think of lots of uses for this project.
There is nothing sweeter than using one item and transforming it into another.
This is my Apple Clay Jar…with lid.

Things you will need:
  1. Clay pot, sizes of choice
  2. Clay bottoms, sizes of choice
  3. Acrylic paints, brushes
  4. Air dry or bake-able clay (optional)
  5. Marble, hot glue gun (optional)

At most craft stores you can find these adorable mini clay pots in all sizes. They bottom

tray thingy also comes in all sizes. I originally bought these to do early seeding lessons
with the kids but I ended up using them for this project.

Place the bottom tray thing on the top of your planter-you decide if you want the ‘lid’ bigger

or smaller than the opening of your clay pot. I opted for smaller.

Paint red, or whatever color you prefer-I wanted to make an apple jar for a teacher,

so here’s my apple…

Decide how deep you need to paint the pot on the inside-this depends on how
the ‘lid’ fits on your pot. You don’t want the clay color showing.

After you are done painting, let dry. I used a marble and hot glue as a knob…

but you can use anything else you may see fit.

You can paint the knob red too if you want! Make sure there is enough glue.

Deciding that I wanted this to be an apple, I removed the marble and attached a piece of clay as a stem.

If you are using air dry clay (easier) it is OK to attach the clay after you paint. If you are using bake-able clay,
attach the stem first, bake according to instructions then paint.

It kinda looks like a pepper also, this would be great to hold dry chillies on your kitchen counter.

Maybe a few in different colors and sizes. If placing food or anything edible inside, please use a liner.
Glue a leaf onto the base of the stem in a way that it kinda stands up…

Make different colors for a party-favor filled with treats. This would be great for kids to store
their crayons in. So many ideas for this. You can write names on it with chalk, markers, paint etc.
Let your imagination go wild you do not have to stop at apples 
This little turtle will be the hit of your party to keep all your snacks ready for guests.


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